AI-powered scheduling can boost clinician engagement, reduce burnout

AI-Based Scheduling in SAP Field Service Management It can quickly adjust schedules to meet the changing needs of your business. No more spending countless hours creating schedules for your team or staff. Say goodbye to the struggle of balancing your business needs with the availability of your staff. Most AI scheduling assistants have free plans, […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Retail Industry

Artificial intelligence in retail: Transforming operations for personalized experiences Here are some examples of how AI contributes to cost-effective retailing and enhancing the customer experience. For the non-data scientist, AI analytics tools are particularly effective at offering prescriptive analytics, or analytics that make recommendations for how to adjust business tactics in the future based on […]

Your Go-To Chatbot Guide 101 All You Need to Know About Chatbots

What Is a Chatbot? Definition, Types, and Examples The benefits of bots include 24/7 availability for instant support, saving time and effort for users. They streamline tasks and processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. Chatbots also reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks and providing cost-effective customer service. Additionally, they enhance customer experiences by offering personalized and […]

Ethical Considerations in the Development and Deployment of Conversational AI

Applying Ethical AI Frameworks in practice: Evaluating conversational AI chatbot solutions Several approaches work after the systems was designed and may not directly affect the creation phase. For example, audits are structured and independent examinations of a system after its completion. Similarly, declarations may be used to provide users or regulatory bodies with information about […]

160 Use cases of chatbot in different major industries Updated 2023

18 Most Common Chatbot Use Cases to Up-Level Your Business They can also handle cancellations and flight changes as well as process any payments for upgrades or transfer fees. In fact, as you’ll see from the examples below, chatbots have become an integral part of the customer journey. Chatbots can be used in a variety […]

What is Business Central? 2023 Guide for SMBs

AI trends how AI can help small businesses ERP cloud simplifies integration within the finance function and across the different lines of businesses. Not only that, cloud-based ERPs can reach directly to the customer, providing the foundation needed to offer the self-service features that customers love. For most SMBs, growth and market share are top […]

How AI is Disrupting the Video Game Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Animation Industry AI is a technology that’s here to stay and animation studios need to embrace it to stay ahead of the competition. Will impact the animated video industry and by then leveraging the power of AI, animation studios can create stunning visuals faster and more efficiently. This could […]

Chatbot Use Cases: A How-To Guide by Dennis Chan

Top 10 Real-Life Chatbot Use Cases That Work In order to meet these customer requirements, chatbot software is the right tool for your business. Bloom Avenue’s Olivia, Facebook Messenger chatbot is the best example. Olivia is a user-facing chatbot that asks a series of skin-related questions, and then recommends the right skincare products for each […]

23 Top Real-Life Chatbot Use Cases That Work 2024

6 Important Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases in 2023 One study found that any effect was limited to users who were already contemplating such change [24], and another study provided preliminary evidence for a health coach in older adults [31]. Another study reported finding no significant effect on supporting chatbot healthcare use cases problem gamblers despite […]

Natural Language Processing Accelerates as Businesses Expand the Use Cases

10 Major Challenges of Using Natural Language Processing For example, the word “process” can be spelled as either “process” or “processing.” The problem is compounded when you add accents or other characters that are not in your dictionary. Businesses use it to improve the search on a website, run chatbots or analyze clients’ feedback. At […]